Developing Exceptional Leadership

“Executive talent is the crucial bridge between great ideas and great results. For successful enterprises, no challenge is more important than identifying and developing truly exceptional leadership.”

- Leslie Mayer, CEO

Leslie Mayer, Ph.D. President and CEO

Leslie founded the Mayer Leadership Group to provide comprehensive counsel and support to CEOs and senior management teams of all sizes, from emerging growth to established market-leading global enterprises. As a leader in the field of executive coaching and with unparalleled experience as a business psychologist, Leslie consistently helps her clients work through the most complex and delicate interpersonal, leadership and business challenges.

Her clients experience greater success and clarity in ways specific to their unique circumstances. Goals such as enhancing effectiveness with the board of directors, identifying and leveraging talent within the organization, creating cultures that support business objectives or managing uncertainty within personal or professional transition all become reachable.

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Top executives often have no one within their company they can confide in without overstepping important boundaries. Leslie’s clients value her as a wise and trustworthy person with whom they can share private thoughts and feelings. She helps them understand how their views, attitudes, and temperament impact their working relationships and professional gratification while providing unique perspectives on their role as leader or executive team member.

By background a psychologist and educator and by nature an entrepreneur, Leslie possesses a powerful understanding of what it takes to lead and grow young businesses, enterprises undergoing fundamental transformation or explosive growth, or companies navigating the uncertain waters of complex global and technological markets. Leslie both provides her own expertise in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Learning Theory and Group Dynamics and draws on experts experienced in a variety of related organizational and communications disciplines.

Leslie has served as a strategic resource for her clients as well. She is adept at spotting potential synergies and makes introductions to help her clients forge strategic alliances, find partners, and add to their management teams.

Leslie holds both Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She has served as a Senior Fellow in the Management Department of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, working with the Wharton Global Family Alliance. Leslie has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and has been widely quoted in both national and international publications. She has also served on various Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Leslie has been a member of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women, Forum of Executive Women, Society for Psychologists in Management and the American Psychological Association.

Leslie’s clients have included Chief Executives and senior management of FMC Corporation, Novartis, UGI Corporation, AmeriGas, GlaxoSmithKline, Lincoln Financial, ViroPharma, American Water Services, Aramark, Kramont Realty, Wolf Block, InnaPhase Corporation, Neiman Group, Heartland Payment Systems, Octagon Research Solutions, Safeguard Scientifics, Internet Capital Group, EnerTech Capital Partners, TL Ventures, LLR Partners, JSP International, TMX Interactive, CompuCom, Liquent, Bell Microproducts, Ben Franklin Tech Partners, Valaran Corporation, T Williams Consulting, VerticalNet, V-SPAN, Enerwise Global Technologies, Cadient Group, Gcom2 Solutions, UnREAL Marketing, Alliance Consulting and as Senior Consultant to the Key Executive Services (KES) practice of Right Management Consultants, formerly the world's largest publicly-held human resources/career development consulting firm.

Her client list has also included government and non-profit institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank, American Red Cross, Philadelphia School District, University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and the Wharton School of Business.

Mayer Leadership Group Associates

Amy M. Bernhardt:  Research Design And Execution  Amy Bernhardt's twenty-five year background in education forms the basis of her work in research design and execution, focus group facilitation and curriculum development. She has authored and contributed to multiple publications and been a featured presenter at national conferences. Amy's incisive interviewing techniques and keen observations allow for a rich, interactive and dynamic educational process.

Stephen M. Galanter:  Program Development And Outreach  Steve’s extensive background in business development and organization, scientific research, grant writing and intellectual property forms the basis of his affiliation with Mayer Leadership. As an entrepreneur who has founded and led several successful businesses and secured venture funding and patents, he has a keen understanding of early stage leadership challenges and helps with issues of focus and prioritization. He also assists Mayer Leadership with program design and development.

Ali Sargent:  Communications and Assessment  Ali Sargent’s unique skillset is shaped by her early professional experience as an award-winning, Emmy nominated executive producer and director of documentary television. Her exceptional inquiry and communication skills are derived from having conducted over 500 interviews across a wide range of human experience. Ali understands the dynamics of influence via effective messaging and delivery of content and effectively shares these skills with executives in support of their leadership development and teamwork strategies. As a certified Birkman consultant, she utilizes assessment to support improved self-awareness and team dynamics.

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