C-Suite Leadership Development

C-Suite Leadership Development promotes fresh perspectives on your approach to leadership and on prioritizing the demands on your time and talent. With the benefit of trusted, confidential counsel on issues of improving personal and team effectiveness, greater success across a wider range of business leadership challenges is attainable, including:

Mayer | Leadership Group
  • Optimizing the working relationships with the board of directors and enhancing alignment of the senior team.
  • Assessing and insuring that candidates for senior positions are a good fit with company culture and helping new leadership hires assimilate quickly and effectively.
  • Providing fresh, research-based strategies for sharpening and improving people skills, understanding complex personalities and leading change.
  • Supporting leaders with confidential, insightful dialogue and advice to help clarify, prioritize and strategize personal goals while effectively managing personal, interpersonal and business concerns.
  • Managing corporate acquisition demands such as conducting of due diligence, evaluation of the management team and/or better understanding of underlying issues and potential roadblocks to growth.