Chief Executive Academy

Our accelerated leadership program is designed for busy CEOs and top executives. The program focuses on the identification and development of leadership traits, helping each participant establish a coherent vision and plan for growth. Executives have a rare opportunity to reflect on their roles and their careers, and exchange ideas, thoughts and feelings with their peers.

Mayer | Leadership Group

The Chief Executive Academy program is conducted in a series of short sessions over a three-month period. The total time required is five days; two of these are off-site meetings with the group. The remaining program elements are delivered one on one, by phone and in person.

Program Elements

  • Analysis: CEOs participate in an initial in-depth interview to custom-design the Academy experience, build an effective working relationship, assess the executive's needs and priorities, gather background information and frame specific issues to be explored in the assessment process. (2-3 hours)
  • Assessment: The Academy draws from a comprehensive battery of leadership assessment tools to customize the best protocol for each participant. Individual feedback is provided to each participant, and may cover such topics as personal leadership style, communication patterns, motivational drivers and values, and decision-making processes. (1 day)
  • Personal Coaching: Participants are provided with individual coaching and executive counsel that addresses key leadership requirements and priorities, ongoing professional development, and business growth challenges. (Two 3-hour sessions)
  • Business Casework: Each CEO presents a company overview to 3 members of the faculty and several peers. Key business indicators are reviewed and discussed with specific attention to immediate problems and long-term growth strategies. (1 day)
  • Peer Coaching and Best Practices: Participants attend group sessions for sharing best practices with other successful entrepreneurs. Emphasis is on sharing of ideas, resources and candid, confidential and constructive feedback. (1 day)
  • Implementation Plan: Participants build an action plan that is adaptable to their rapidly changing environments and their personal leadership needs. The plan is based on objectives established during the Academy experience and supports the ongoing goals of each individual. (2-3 hours)
  • Ongoing Executive Briefings: Outside experts and senior thought leaders are subsequently invited to provide information and wisdom on business and leadership topics identified by the Academy participants.