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Feature Articles

Inc. Magazine "The Couch in the Corner Office: Surveying the Landscape of the CEO Psyche"

Chief Executive Magazine "Under Scrutiny - Why Securities Analysts View The Overly Nice And Overly Egotistical CEO With Suspicion"

Family Business Magazine "Chief Emotional Officer"

China Manager Magazine "CEO Branding"

Wall Street Journal's Center for Entrepreneurship "Is It Too Late To Start A Dot-Com Business"

Diário Económico Portugal: "When the Psychologist is the Leader's Best Friend"

American Express Business Platinum Ventures Magazine "Divorce, Business Style"

Knowledge @ Wharton "Many Family Firms Rely on a Largely Invisible CEO -- Chief Emotional Officer"

Worth Magazine "Wrestling for Control of the Family Business: Telling Tales"

Worth Magazine "Wrestling for Control of the Family Business: Separation Anxiety"

Worth Magazine "Wrestling for Control of the Family Business: Behind a Behemoth"

The Wharton School's Knowledge @ Wharton "Family Ties: Succession Seen Through A Successor's Eyes"

Philadelphia Inquirer: Coaching CEOs Toward Self-Awareness

Philadelphia Inquirer: In Executive Game, She's A Leading Coach

Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly "You Don't Have To Get Over It To Get On With It"--Co-Author

Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly "Channel Your Anger During A Job Search"--Co-Author



Television / Radio

CNN Financial News

CNBC The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

KYW 1060 Newsradio "Women in Business"

WHYY Radio "Personality Assessment & Executive Fit"

WHYY Radio "Professional Fulfillment-Workaholism"

WHYY Radio "Downsizing"


Stratos Magazine "Keeping the In-Laws Happy"

Book: "Dilemmas of Family Wealth: Insights on Succession, Cohesion, and Legacy" by Judy Martel

Philadelphia Inquirer "Martha Is Now a Free Woman: Putting the PR in Stewart's Prisoner Rehab" "Management Today: Negotiate With Everyone" "3 Steps To Letting The Real You Shine Through"

Philadelphia Inquirer "Their Pioneering Efforts Helped Women Reach Top Leadership Ranks"

Philadelphia Inquirer "A Vision Of The Future: Ethics Ratings"

Philadelphia Business Journal "Help Available For Clueless, Young CEOs"

Philadelphia Daily News "Why Is This Man Smiling? Guys Like Pat Croce Like To Be Bold - But It Can Get Them Into Trouble"

Philadelphia Inquirer "Iverson: How Do You Handle A Star?"

Book: "Is It Too Late To Run Away And Join The Circus" by Marti Smye, Ph.D.


"Emotional Intelligence & Sun-Dried Tomatoes" YPO Event

"Board Management Relations: Perspectives on Best Practices" Safeguard Scientifics' Life Sciences & Information Technology Advisory Board Meeting

"Resonant Leadership: Perspectives on Best Practices" Centro Watt's Corporate Conference

"Life Cycle Stages of a Consultant" 14th Annual Conference for the Society of Consulting Psychology

"The Good Enough Woman" Asset Management Advisors Conference

"When Your Company Hits Adolescence: 5 Things to Remember and 6 Things to Forget" Eastern Technology Council Event

"Life Cycle Stages of a Consultant" 13th Annual Conference for the Society of Consulting Psychology

"Writing The Story Of Your Career: The Benefits Of Professional Branding" Keynote Speech at GlaxoSmithKline's Women's Leadership Initiative Event

"Till Death Do Us Part: The Inside Story of CEO/Board Relationships" Eastern Technology Council Event

"The Family Advantage In Wealth Creations In The 21st Century" The Wharton School's 4th Latin American Regional Alumni Meeting

"The Making of a CEO: The Secret Ingredient" Technology Resource Alliance Stepping Up to Leadership Seminar


"Family Business Forum" Sponsored by Forbes Magazine

"Wharton Global Family Alliance" Sponsored by Wharton

"Leadership & Management Skills Development: Key Considerations for the CEO" Sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Venture Group - Venture Institute VIII

"Leading with Integrity: The New World of Business Ethics" Sponsored by Mayer Leadership Group & Salveson Stetson Group

"Ethical Considerations for CEOs" Sponsored by the CEO Roundtable

"Managing the Founder/CEO Relationship" Sponsored by bHive

"The Value of Human Capital" Sponsored by the Business Strategy Forum

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Judge, Eastern Technology Council's Enterprise Awards

Board Member, City Year Philadelphia

Member, Trustees Council of Penn Women

Member, Forum of Executive Women

Mentor, The Wharton School's Business Plan Competition

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