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Specializing in coaching and advising CEOs and top executives in the personal factors and relationship behaviors that can make or break successful leadership.

I have worked with many ‘high-end’ consultants specializing in executive effectiveness, so I have a broad basis for comparison. Dr. Mayer has the ability to quickly identify the most prominent roadblocks to smooth executive teamwork. I believe her most unusual and valuable trait is addressing the roadblocks through action items that not only move the relationships forward but also advance the business.

- Scott Ungerer, Managing Partner, EnerTech Capital Management

We accelerate business success by helping leaders achieve their personal best. Key services include CEO coaching, Board Relations, Assessment, Succession Planning and Executive Team alignment and effectiveness. We have unique expertise in the science behind how people learn, develop and transition in their business and personal lives and the ethics and experience to act effectively as a coach and trusted advisor.

Mayer | Leadership Group


Mayer Leadership Group has been instrumental in guiding me in my role as CEO of Octagon Research Solutions. Dr. Mayer, along with her colleagues, unveiled many poignant truths about leadership and the unique situations that leaders encounter during my time at the Chief Executive Academy. More importantly, however, is that Dr. Mayer was able to articulate clearly how to deal with those unique situations through various techniques and processes. I have benefited immensely from Dr. Mayer's professionalism, guidance and insight into the ways leaders interact with employees and outside constituencies. Many firms and consultants are good at identifying the problems but few are good at imparting solutions. Dr. Mayer does this and goes beyond typical consulting to provide ad hoc coaching and guidance. Dr. Mayer really cares about her clients and her passion for leadership is evident in her work.

James Walker
President & CEO, Octagon Research Solutions, Inc.

At a time when our organization was in flux, with rapid growth and international expansion, Mayer Leadership helped us in two major areas. The first was to define and communicate our culture throughout the organization. The second was to counsel our senior management team in the necessary organizational changes required to maintain our growth and culture. Dr. Mayer met all senior and mid level managers and spent many hours listening to their individual needs and ideas. After much analysis, Dr. Mayer collated the research and presented a strategy for getting everybody's ideas channeled into a single focus that could help the Company move forward. The result was a much improved understanding of corporate goals and culture across the organization. Our interaction with Mayer Leadership proved invaluable.

Peter J. D. Ryan
Founder & Chairman, InnaPhase Corporation

Through more than 35 years of business experience, I have never before worked with anyone who brings the unique set of skills and traits that Dr. Mayer provides. She and her team turned skeptics into fans, and the thoughts and recommendations she provided have been key elements in my efforts leading this group through some difficult business and personal challenges.

In working to assemble a new leadership staff at Enerwise Global Technologies, we reached out to the Mayer Leadership Group for their assistance in developing a team out of this diverse group. Unlike many consultants, Dr. Mayer and her team worked effectively to develop a personal rapport with each member of this group then went on to provide insightful, expert counsel and recommendations that improved communications, respect and understanding among members of our leadership team. Mayer Leadership works efficiently and confidentially, guiding through experience and the most effective listening and interviewing I have seen in business. Most remarkably, our team continues to have interest in and seek Dr. Mayer's counsel and she remains willing to take time with us even after our formal efforts have been completed.

Greg Driscoll
President & CEO, Enerwise Global Technologies

The effectiveness of our management team has been significantly enhanced during the past year through Dr. Leslie Mayer and the Mayer Leadership Group. Mayer Leadership has been instrumental in providing effective coaching at both the individual and team levels, which in great part, led us to put in place new management structures which have greatly improved our decision making and communications processes throughout our organization.

Michel de Rosen
Chairman, President & CEO, ViroPharma, Inc.